The Collected Works of Nicole B Hicks


Why the Princess Ate a Stone



Midmun was once the magical 

capital of the world


Why doesn't magic work?


Princess Niren's marriage has

been arranged since her birth.

Why have NINE princes

come to Midmun?


Niren must wed

to become Queen.

Why is she seeking magical

protection against falling

in love?


Each of the princes

has certain gifts,

and each will be tested.

Which one can break through

the wall around Niren's heart?

And how will he manage that,

without breaking her heart,

as well?


         STONE & GLASS

Magic Returns to Midmun



What happens after

Happily Ever After?


Calendar pages fly off the wall.

Trees bud, and bloom, and their leaves turn colors and fall.

Sand slips through the hour glass.

Time passes,

in other words.

And things change.


Happily Ever After

only happens if time freezes.


What happens when

magic is reborn?

What happens when

new heirs appear,

and then disappear?

What happens when your old enemy finds new handholds?


Is glass as strong as stone?

Could it be even stronger?


     Moments &Memories

Poetry & Coloring Pages for Kids



A collection of

Poetry & Coloring Pages




and silly


for the young,


the young-at-heart.


Each poem


a coloring page

for you

to personalize




a fancy frame

for you

to color and

to create

your own art!


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